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Pistons at Nuggets final score: 26 point comeback falls just short

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Denver Nuggets Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This freaking team.

Of course you’re going to put up a DLN and make me completely re-write this recap, even after I had the thing set and ready until five minutes left in the game. But you’re not going to change the outcome. It’s still a loss. Just going to be a pain in my ass and make that other recap I wrote completely moot.

That comeback was something else, to be sure. Every play of that slugfest in the final minute was some beautiful basketball. The Wayne Ellington three out of the timeout, the Andre Drummond dump off dunk, the Reggie Jackson three pointer in the quarter.

Still. Ugh.

The Pistons started the game absolutely abysmally. They scored just 9 first quarter points. They missed 25 shots. It was a some pretty awful basketball.

They showed a couple of signs of life, but trimming down 20+ point leads takes more than they were able to give and the Pistons never cut it down to double digits. Then they coast to the loss, I can post this recap, and we all get to bed. But no.

A Wayne Ellington three. An Andre Drummond steal to a dunk. All the sudden those don’t look now bubbles start rumbling. It looked like the Nuggets might swat them aside, but a couple of minutes later another Drummond layup and Reggie Jackson make brought it to a five point game.

Ellington buried a three out of a beautiful out of bounds call, but Jamal Murray was clutch down the stretch for the Nuggets. He hit a falling out of bounds jumper, and the Pistons responded with nice Blake Griffin setup for Drummond. Another big Murray jumper, and another Blake setup, this time for Reggie Jackson in the corner for three.

One point game, nine seconds left. Pistons fouled, of course, Murray who, of course, drilled both of his free throws. So the Pistons got one final look. It swung around to Blake with a great look, but he was just off on the attempt to send it into overtime.

Same outcome, just a different recap. This freaking team.

Seriously though, it was a nice show of resilience in a game where pretty much everyone couldn’t make anything. No one’s going to be framing their stat line in this one - the Pistons ended the game shooting 35 percent from the field. But there’s something to be said for nearly sneaking away with a game that you have no business winning.

I guess you could call it a rather impressive shitty game.


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