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What the $@#*: Rasheed Wallace is going to coach HS basketball

Wallace will be named head coach at Jordan High School in North Carolina

Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Rasheed Wallace has a new job and I’m not sure anybody is prepared for what it will mean — head basketball coach of a North Carolina high school.

Only Sheed could do something so cool and so unexpected.

Wallace, a 16-year NBA vet including six with the Detroit Pistons, and one as an assistant coach, will be named the head boys varsity basketball coach at Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina. The hiring was announced at a press conference at the school earlier Friday, according to the Wilson Times.

“This is a special day for Jordan High School and our athletic department,” Jordan High School’s Director of Athletics Shelba Levins told the Wilson Times. “When we seek leaders for our athletic programs, there are several different types of criteria that are important. We want coaches who can provide both knowledge and leadership with an ability to mentor our student-athletes as they cross the bridge from adolescence to the early stages of adulthood.”

Wallace was a star in Durham an unforgettable member of the North Carolina Tar Heels from 1993-95 before becoming the fourth overall selection of the NBA Draft in 1995 by the Washington Bullets.

He then moved on to the Portland Trail Blazers, one unforgettable game with the Atlanta Hawks and then the Pistons where he won an NBA Title in 2004 and became ... yup ... unforgettable.

Wallace was a fan favorite because of his boisterous, foul-mouthed personality, his wild, bug-eyed outbursts toward officials and being the absolute best teammate anyone could ask for.

Not all those quirks might seem like the best traits of a head basketball coach, but I think he’ll succeed wildly as long as the barometer isn’t not swearing at his players and not getting ejected from games.

Wallace has the biggest heart of anyone to maybe ever wear a Pistons uniform. He loved his teammates, loved the game and never took himself too seriously. He’s also someone who hasn’t let fame and fortune get to his head.

This is a throwback to maybe when many of our current readers were in grade school (lord, I am old), but here is Rasheed’s appearance on MTV’s Cribs, and I absolutely love it:

There wasn’t much to point do during his lone season as a Pistons assistant coach, but I certainly enjoyed seeing him on the sidelines:

Wallace also loves giving back and, despite his colorful personality, takes his role as a mentor to young people very seriously. He also knows how to get his players hyped up.

Please insert any GIF reactions you might have to this awesome news.