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2019 NBA Playoffs: Pistons vs. Bucks -- Brew Hoop’s take on the Bucks

The Detroit Pistons have a tall task taking on the NBA’s top team

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons square off against the Milwaukee Bucks for a round-one tilt in the NBA Playoffs on Sunday at 8 p.m. I spoke with our friends at Brew Hoop about the match-up, and they were nice enough to give us their quick take on the Bucks and the upcoming series.

Biggest story for the Bucks?

It has to be the shift in having a GOOD coach. We knew going from Kidd to Budenholzer would be an upgrade but the improvements all across the board has shown why he is likely to win Coach of the Year. He gave Milwaukee a modern offense which flourished and allow Giannis to do more, the defense has stopped allowing wide open corner threes and shots at the rim and the rebounding which was last for the last five years is now in first. We also have to mention Giannis as a big part of the story with his bonafide MVP campaign but I think that has been covered pretty heavily all season.

Key for the pistons to win?

I think Blake Griffin HAS to be healthy for Detroit to have any chance. Drummond getting Brook Lopez in early foul trouble would force Milwaukee to play either Giannis, Ersan Ilyasova, or DJ Wilson at center and Giannis is the only one who can keep up with Drummond’s size.

Keys to Bucks win?

Keep doing what they’ve done all year. Despite the injuries, Milwaukee has been able to not miss a beat so also fingers crossed there isn’t anymore injuries.

The X-factor besides Giannis will be Eric Bledsoe. Last year he had a playoff series to forget and he will want to exorcise those demons. When he is dialed in, I believe he is a Top-5 point guard and especially on the defensive end that’s when the Bucks are at their best. For Detroit, Luke Kennard has the shooting ability to give Milwaukee fits but I’m going to go with Thon Maker. Playoff Thon is 100% a thing especially with a home crowd behind him. I’m sure he is going to want to prove a point to the Bucks that he should’ve gotten more playing time.


I have been bullish about the Bucks all season even creating a bad hype train meme out of it. I think Griffin’s injury creates a lot of uncertainty and will predict the Bucks will sweep. Though I wouldn’t be shocked if Detroit were to win a game at home.