TJ Warren

Jon Leuer & the 15th pick to PHX for TJ Warren

I'm not really excited about any of the prospects slated to go to us in the first round and none of them will be better this season than TJ Warren is right now. I think this gives us our desperately needed SF of the future and gets Leuer off our team. We can draft a PG in the 2nd round like Shamorie Ponds.

Spend the mid-level exemption on someone like Derrick Rose and let him and Reggie be our PGs. I don't feel compelled to trade Reggie just for the sake of trading him and injury prone Conley's not $13 million a year better than him.

Is this crazy? I think this one trade solves several things for us. Perimeter shooting, defense and size at SF and a guy who we'll have on the same timeline as Blake/Dre but isn't making a ton of money. Oubre's made Warren expendable in PHX and Leuer was well liked there his first go round.

What do you think?

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