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VIDEO Jordan Bone family tells draft party he’s crushed by not being drafted, only to be interrupted by being drafted

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons traded back into the end of the second round to take Jordan Bone, a point guard out of Tennessee, with the 57th overall pick.

To say that was a surprise to Bone is an understatement.

His brother, Josh Bone, spoke on behalf of Jordan and the family to those gathered. He was right in the middle of telling everyone it was OK to leave. Like the end of a presidential campaign, there would be no balloon drop and Jordan’s NBA dream looked to be deferred.

“I’m hurt right now, probably more hurt than he is,” Josh said as he sat on a platform, microphone in hand. He then segued into acknowledging all those people who supported Jordan when he was suddenly interrupted.

“Shoot!” says one voice.

“You just got drafted,” says another.

Josh turns around to the television on the wall broadcasting the draft as someone screams, “Let’s goooo!” and all hell breaks loose as a mob descends on Jordan in the back of the room. Tackling him with pure love.

The screaming starts and never lets up. It’s pure, unadulterated joy.

That joy is only tempered somewhat by the fact that Bone is apparently set to sign a two-way contract and not a fully guaranteed NBA deal with a promise of a roster spot.

But Bone is an NBA draft pick. He’s set for an NBA camp. And he could get called up and play real NBA minutes. Let’s go.