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Pistons Throwbacks: Bring back the teal horse

It is time for the Pistons to honor the past; what better way to do that than with their most divisive jersey to date?

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As we reach the doldrums of the summer, there isn’t that much basketball-related content for us to talk about. That is why it is now time to have the Pistons alternate jersey debate. While there are no rumors about them creating a throwback jersey to wear for next year, the idea is picking up steam on social media.

My opening argument: The Pistons should bring back the teal horse jersey from the 90’s as the new throwback jersey.

Many of you just threw up in your mouth, but after reading through, I think I can get a few of you on the same page when it comes to picking the teal horse as the new alternate.

For starters, the logo on the jersey fits with the team, because their team mascot is literally a horse. Yes, I understand that the logo on the jersey looks ugly to some. While a redesign of the logo is possible, it would defeat the purpose of bringing back the jersey as a throwback if the logo is changed on it. However, if it will convince more people to allow this beauty to be worn on an NBA court during the 2019-2020 season, then Detroit should go ahead and redesign it:

Look at this beauty

It’s a pretty bad look when your G-League team, which doesn’t even play in Detroit (Editor’s note: Not yet, but it’s coming), pays homage to these jerseys before the parent NBA team even acknowledges their existence.

I think the hold up for a lot of people with these jerseys is, outside of the fact that they don’t like the horse logo, is that they are synonymous with a bad era of Detroit basketball. The Pistons had Grant Hill as the face of the franchise while wearing these jerseys, but the team was never really that good. Although they made the playoffs a few times, they never won anything significant while wearing these jerseys:

Teal-Era Pistons accomplishments

This is a franchise with three NBA championships to its name, but the teal era is one of the darker eras of franchise history.

However, people need to stop worrying about what the team did on the court while wearing the jersey and just pay attention to how much different the jerseys are. You do not want a throwback jersey to be similar to the jerseys that the team currently wears. The Pistons have so many of those jerseys throughout their history, but this jersey stands out because it is different. Look at the current trend of NBA jerseys; it is all about unique designs that stand out.

The teal horse, whether you like it or not, stands out.

Also, as a 90’s kid, I can assure you that 90’s nostalgia is all the rage right now. These things will sell like crazy. People have been making huge pushes all over social media to bring back the purple dinosaur jerseys for the Raptors, or the Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys for the Grizzlies. The Pistons should join in on the fun and give the people what they want. Even players like Ja Morant want this to happen.

Blake Griffin even ran a poll on his Instagram account a couple months back asking if the fans thought they should bring back the teal jerseys. Players and fans both want the 90’s throwbacks, which is a perfect combination for selling a lot of jerseys.

How many people do you see wearing Pistons jerseys out on the street that are not Pistons fans? How many people do you think you would see wearing a Blake Griffin teal jersey? Blake Griffin is a very marketable player, and people love to wear 90’s nostalgia clothing. I think you would see a ton of people wearing a Blake Griffin teal horse jersey. I know I’ve seen plenty of Grant Hill teal horse jerseys out on the street during my lifetime.

People will look at the jerseys from that era for the Pistons and wonder why the team shouldn’t just bring back the red horse jersey instead of this teal monstrosity. The red jersey at least has a modern team color on it. My counterpoint: The red jersey was an alternate jersey. Why would you bring back a 90’s alternate jersey to be an alternate jersey now? Why not bring back the real road jersey? Plus, nothing screams 90’s more than the color teal.

It is time for the Pistons to give the people what they want, which is a throwback jersey. Stop trying to “pay homage” to the Bad Boys with weird black jerseys that do absolutely nothing to pay homage to the Bad Boys. Bring back a classic jersey that a previous Pistons team actually wore. Obviously my preference is the teal horse, for the reasons listed above, but at least bring back something from the past of this storied franchise.