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Andre Drummond drinks a beer a day for his health

After cutting out red meat, Drummond gets creative with his new diet

WWF Wrestlemania X8 Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage

Andre Drummond revealed the secret to a successful offseason — beer. It turns out the Pistons big man is turning to oat sodas on the recommendation of his personal chef. Drummond reports cutting out red meat from his diet and so the beer is reportedly a way to ensure the 7-footer takes in some easy calories and carbs.

I am on a similar regimen, I just keep forgetting to add the hours of exercise into the mix every day.

Drummond’s beer of choice is Miller Light, and, frankly, if it was Bud Light I’d have major cause for concern because Bud Light is disgusting.

Vince Ellis, who broke the sudsy story, reports that Drummond does, in fact, look lean right now, and Drummond talked about the other, more important elements of his offseason plan.

The 3-point-shot is still a work in progress actively being worked on, Drummond says. And Dre gushes about spending the offseason working with Pistons coaches Sean Sweeney and Tim Grgurich, who he calls his “right and left hand.”

Drummond, who can be a free agent if he declines his $28 million option after the season, also noticed what a lot of fans noticed — he was a different, more complete player after returning from a concussion in January.

Dre was a beast on offense, shooting an efficient 57.6% from the field and hitting another gear on the defensive end. Ellis notes the Pistons were 10 points better per 100 possessions when the big man was on the floor, pacing the team.

Drummond credits the sustained success to feeling “a sense of urgency” as he came back to a team scuffling and desperate to secure a playoff berth. A switch turned on and started playing the way I was supposed to play. It was taking it to the next level and taking matter into my own hands,” Drummond said. “That’s the type of intensity I need to have for Game 1.”

Indeed, the trick will be taking that final 30-plus game stretch and turning it into a dominant 82-game season. If he plays with that level of energy and focus not only will the Pistons make the playoffs, but Drummond would be a near shoo-in for an All-Star and even All-NBA selection.

I’ll drink to that. Maybe a Founder’s Mas Agave. That is a tasty summer beverage.