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The future of Detroit Pistons Christian Wood looking bleak

With the Pistons rumored to be the favorites to sign Joe Johnson, what does this say about the future of Christian Wood?

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Sacramento Kings Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

After signing Joe Johnson, the Pistons have 16 players on the roster, which must enter the season with only 15. Last year, the Pistons dealt with one of the worst wing rotations in the entire NBA so it makes sense why they appear to be building a ton of depth at the position.

However, there’s no question the person with the biggest problem with the Pistons adding a veteran wing to the roster is a big man — current, for now, Pistons backup center Christian Wood.

Outside of Andre Drummond and Wood, there is not another center on this roster. This, you would think, would mean the Pistons would be anticipating for Wood to take over the backup center spot this season.

At least that’s what the majority thought when Ed Stefanski signed him as the 15th player on the roster back in mid-July.

However, you don’t sign Johnson, a player who apparently had multiple suitors just be a training camp body.

You don’t sign Johnson if you haven’t envisioned a real role, with real minutes on your roster, and sold him on how you were going to use him.

All three of these players can’t make the team, and it’s extremely likely only one will make the team. Sure, the Pistons could swing a deal before the season to open up a roster spot but that doesn’t sound very likely.

This doesn’t look good for Wood. He is quite literally the only other center on this team outside of Drummond unless you squint really hard, take a shot and convince yourself in the present and future of Thon Maker. The only problem — Maker has shown even in his brief time in Detroit he’s not a good backup center.

Despite the lack of depth at the important position, it looks like the Pistons are more interested in signing talented wing players. This has to speak to the lack of faith the Pistons have in Wood or a show of faith in Maker.

The future of Wood was already up in the air with the signing of Michael Beasley in the summer. Now, with the arrival of Johnson, it looks like Wood is already on borrowed time.