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Pistons vs. Everybody Podcast: Drummond trade scenarios with Jeff Siegel

What’s Andre worth to Atlanta?

Hey everyone. Jeff Siegel (@jgsiegel) and I (@lazchance) and talk through all aspects of the Andre Drummond-to-Atlanta trade rumors: Why Atlanta would feel they have to do this deal before the deadline, what the Hawks would be willing to part with, what number the Hawks could be looking to re-sign Drummond at, what non-Andre Drummond options the Hawks could have at center this summer, and Trae Young’s influence on this possible transaction.

Jeff was extremely generous with his time and incisive with his analysis, which is much appreciated. Follow him on Twitter, when this trade eventually gets, done, go to Peachtree Hoops to get all your Andre Drummond updates, and go to Early Bird Rights for all your NBA salary cap needs this trade season.