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2020 NBA Draft Rumors: As Warriors weigh offers for No. 2, team said to prefer ‘veteran rotation player’

Warriors still interested in dealing, and Bulls, Pistons and Spurs are possibilities

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

The final flurry of NBA Draft rumors, smokescreens and hot gossip is hitting, and one of the juiciest bits is word that the Golden State Warriors are, indeed, still looking to trade out of No. 2 in order to add an immediate difference-maker as it looks to compete for another title.

And one of the logical candidates is Detroit, who could offer Blake Griffin and/or Derrick Rose to any contending team.

Early Wednesday, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported that the Warriors and Bulls were in discussion on a potential deal centered around big man Wendell Carter Jr. and No. 4 for No. 2.

Carter Jr. has been hit with a bit of the injury bug, but he still seems like one of the more promising young big men in the NBA, and the Warriors are looking to bolster its center spot in the rotation. Chicago, meanwhile, is more interested in leap-frogging the Charlotte Hornets and grab big man James Wiseman at No 2 as a WCJ replacement. Personally, I’d rather have Carter and the No. 4 pick, but what do I know.

That isn’t the only team connected to Golden State’s pick. There is indication the Warriors would prefer a “veteran rotation player and move back in the lottery” in exchange for No. 2. That comes from Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated. Woo reports that Golden State would be willing to move Andrew Wiggins to make the salaries match.

There are other reports that the Warriors are looking to utilize its $17.2 million traded player exception to secure a veteran piece, though any player they take into that exception would cost an exorbitant amount because of luxury tax penalties.

A deal for Wiggins and No. 2 has long been rumored with the basic shape of any deal focused on a Griffin for Wiggins and a No. 7 for No. 2 swap, respectively.

That would be an exorbitant price to pay for Detroit, with Wiggins giant salary on the books one season longer than Griffin’s, and they would presumably only do it if LaMelo Ball were available at No. 2, though Woo indicates Detroit could also be interested in Wiseman.

That is assuming, of course, Troy Weaver, Ed Stefanski and Dwane Casey came away from the recent private workout they attended confident that Ball could be a franchise player.

It’s unclear how much other true interest there is in trading up, and it makes you wonder if Detroit could keep No. 7 and instead trade a future pick or add Derrick Rose into the deal. But if Chicago’s offer is legitimate and there are other teams interested — Woo mentions San Antonio as a potential trade partner, and there have been rumors of the Spurs being unusually aggressive in an attempt to move up from the No. 11 spot.