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Pistons debut new City Edition uniforms for 2020-2021 season

They are ... aight

Here are the new Detroit Pistons City Edition uniforms:

They are not terrible, but not overly exciting either. They are VERY blue, which is at least in line with an existing Detroit Pistons base uniform (the away / “icon” uniform) in a way that last year’s City Edition uniforms were not. For reference, last year’s City Edition uniforms were the VERY red joints with the racing stripes on the front:

Denver Nuggets v Detroit Pistons Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Last year’s uniforms ... grew on me, in time. They looked a lot better on the court than they did on the rack, for some reason. I’ll give this year’s version the space to grow on me as well.

This year’s City Edition have a couple things going for them:

The black piping down the side of the top going all the way down to the bottom (I’m a sucker for hints of black in uniforms) is nice. I like the “Detroit, Michigan” subscript, just in case you forgot which city was the Motor City. I like the very small letter size; helps differentiate these from last year’s which had the giant MOTOR CITY lettering on the front.

But, initially, these are just kind of ... plain. It looks like the Away / Icon uniform that says Motor City instead of Detroit. There’s no black framing around the neckline, which I think could’ve gone a long way in making the red elements pop a little more. It was surprising how much I liked the fake Detroit Tigers / Detroit Pistons uniform swap the Tigers did more for both teams:

The olde English “Detroit” on a Pistons uniform REALLY does it for me. The orange (not a Pistons color, I know) does a lot to differentiate these from the grey Statement jerseys, which are an abomination and I feel like we lose every single game we play in them:



To be fair to the Pistons, there have been some MUCH worse 2020-2021 City Edition jerseys. Have you seen the rumored Brooklyn ones? Or the Denver ones, which removed the best element of last year’s edition - the rainbow - in favor of one color, a color I’ve never associated with the team? So, yeah, it could be worse. But it could also be the Chicago ones, which are BOLD in a way the Bulls usually haven’t gone (gold trim goes a LONG way)

So, yeah. The Pistons are going to lose a bunch of games next season, and I just wish they looked a little better doing so. Teal Truthers, sign off in the comments - this is your moment.