Draft geeks of all prospects, unite!

Ok, finally some new NCAA basketball is in. It’s only the beginning, but I take the risk and say: it’s good to see top prospects making shots for a change.

Cade Cunningham was nice, however his defense, other than rebounds, was less. Not too good orientation on rotations, bad angels on on-ball D. It’s something that caught my eye when I watched him play for team USA, so it might be an issue. Thus I decided to follow Jalen Suggs more. He seems to be sharp on both ends.

Meantime good news are coming from scrimmages of the Ignite G-League team featuring, among others, Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga (here, here, and here). They won a matchup against G-League players by 20. Well, they are lucky they don’t need to play against Donnie Tyndall’s Grand Rapids Drive.

Since we mentioned forwards, I liked the performance of Terrance Clarke more than Brandon Boston (how on earth can you think about a potential Pistons player named Boston!?). Though both were rather not too overwhelming. But maybe it’s because they’re listed as guards on John Calipari’s team…

I regret that Evan Mobley with his thin frame moves like a heavyweight C, because he shows some CWood-JJJ-like ability to put the ball on the floor. It might be wasted when he continue to move like old Patrick Ewing. Happily, there appeared two other prospects who can do it more nimbly: Isaiah Jackson from Pontiac, MI who plays for UK and Day’Ron Sharpe (UNC). To fully count, though, they need to start shooting threes.

Speaking about not top shelf prospects, can Gonzaga’s Corey Kispert be next Duncan Robinson with ball handling? And will Marcus Garrett finally figured it out. I remember him in his freshman year showing some promise, but he just haven’t keep his word.

Waiting to see Florida and find out if Scottie Lewis will make a push to the lottery this year.

And who do you got? Just don’t tell me you were sleepy after your turkey and didn’t watch.

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