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Media Week, Day 1: Blake Griffin “likes the pieces we got”

Dwane Casey, Blake Griffin, and Sekou Doumbouya spoke to the media

Oklahoma City Thunder v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Your Detroit Pistons are, blessedly, almost back from their nine-month hiatus from playing NBA basketball. We are a mere 10 days from the first preseason game. But before we get to games, we’ve got training camp. And during training camp, we’ve got Media Week.

You know how Media Week normally goes. Everyone has either gained eight pounds of muscle or lost 15 pounds of flab. Everyone is in the best shape of their natural-born lives. Everyone is ready to get a jump on the season and go out and win an NBA Championship.

But, in between the rote utterances, we occasionally get some interesting insights into what the team is planning and what players are thinking. To be honest, after so long without the Pistons, even the rote utterances are getting me hype. So let’s extract some hype from the quotes we got from the Pistons today.

Head Coach Dwane Casey:

On the plan for the year:

Call Killian Hayes and Sekou Doumbouya the Foie Gras Fam, because they’re gonna be STUFFED with minutes this year. This is exactly the type of quote that gets me excited to start the year, because it’s what we wanted out of the team this season. Now, the trick is, we have to hold Dwane to this quote in February when the team has lost four straight games due to rookie mistakes down the stretch of games.

On how Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin will be handled:

Sounds like a minute restriction (to start the year) for Derrick Rose, but not so much for Blake Griffin. Rose flourished in his limited minutes last year, and Blake Griffin (hopefully?) isn’t as limited as he was at the beginning of last season, so these moves make sense. The Pistons are probably going to give Blake Griffin every opportunity to play his way out of Detroit.

With that said, maybe we won’t see the Blake-solation offense we saw the last time Blake was fully healthy:

We can only hope.

Speaking of Blake...

Detroit Pistons Star Blake Griffin:

On his health:

Well, that’s encouraging, but I, like the NBA teams hopefully interested in trading for Blake, need to see it to believe it. But oh man, do I want to see it.

On the, uh, new faces in Detroit:

On Saddiq Bey, specifically:

Hey! Blake-the-veteran-mentor getting his work in early! I, personally, fall into the trap of forgetting about Saddiq Bey’s potential contributions. Bey was the middle child of the draft - people seemed high on Killian Hayes and confused by Isaiah Stewart and let Bey just be - but if Blake sees something there, maybe there’s something to see there.

On potentially being traded:

I would think that Blake is not necessarily too bothered by the presence of trade talks because he wouldn’t mind terribly if he were traded. It is nice that Blake is taking his role of rookie educator seriously, but I think if the opportunity to compete for a deep playoff spot opened up to him, he would be amenable to it.

Detroit Pistons Future Star Sekou Doumbouya:

On his offseason:

Specifically, what he worked on this offseason:

Well, those are certainly the “right” things to say. There are only so many offseason Sekou Doumbouya has had in his basketball-playing life, and you hope that he comes out of this extended offseason more ready than ever in year 2. But this is squarely in “empty platitude” territory, like we talked about. I certainly HOPE we see it, but I’m going to need to see it.

On his countryman, Killian Hayes:

Man, I hope Sekou is right about this one. I was very excited about the Pistons ending up with Killian Hayes (you can read all about that here), I remain very excited about Killian Hayes on the Pistons, I just gotta wait 10 days to see how it translates immediately and three years to see how it translates fully. No big deal.

That wraps it up for Day 1 of Media Week for your Pistons. Any quotes get you excited to start the year? Or are you as inured to the preseason “Everyone saying the right thing” season as I am? Let us know in the comments below.