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Pistons Vs. Everybody: Starting From The Bottom

Laz talks to Kyle Maggio about the New York Knicks

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) talked to Kyle Maggio (@KyleMaggio) about the Detroit Pistons and New York Knicks fighting at the bottom of the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

That, in turn, became a discussion about power forwards, draft destiny written in the stars, The New York Knicks’ Kentucky Connection, trade value charts, Troy Weaver’s sense of humor, power forwards (there are a lot of power forwards to discuss), R.J. Barrett needing space, the opportunity cost of cap space, that time Dennis Smith Jr. dropped 31 points on the Pistons, shared relief at not pursuing Fred VanVleet seriously, Killian Hayes preferring Detroit over New York, Snake Oil Salesman David Fizdale, and much, much more.

Kyle was extremely generous with his time, and was a familiar mix of curmudgeonly and excited about his team heading into the season. Follow Kyle on Twitter, listen to The Knicks Wall on the Blue Wire Podcast Network, and check out Whistle Sports. There will probably be some #content from me on their network in the not-to-distant future as the preseason games occur.

Thanks for listening, everyone. Enjoy the podcast:

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