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Video: Two games, two losses and ‘it’s just two games’

How much of what we are seeing are early-season blips and how much are red flags of what’s to come?

NBA: Preseason-New York Knicks at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons completed their second game of a 72-game regular season yesterday. Already, the Pistons community seems to be going to war. It began even before the double-overtime loss to the Cavs ended.

Fans and followers have already started complaining about the rotation, how much the young guys get to see the court, how well or poorly the team is playing, closing lineups, and everything in between.

The counterpoint is obvious — chill out everyone, it's only game two. There are 70 more games to be played. Which could be a correct stance.


How much of what fans have issues with thus far actually shouldn’t just be chalked up to, “it’s only two games”? How many of these issues are legit concerns or criticisms for the fanbase to throw at this franchise so early in the season?

I cover the “two games” argument and what fans might be rightly worried about in today’s video.

Spoiler Alert: Fans have a more legitimate gripe than you might think.