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Pistons Vs. Everybody: Cade Cunningham Coup

Laz talks to Sam and Andy of the Light Years podcast about the Pistons’ loss to the Warriors

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) talked to Sam Esfandiari (@samesfandiari) and Andy Liu (@AndyKHLiu) of the Light Years podcast about the Detroit Pistons loss to the Golden State Warriors.

That, in turn, became a discussion about the importance of shooting in today’s NBA, nailing your draft picks, Blake Griffin’s injury, James Wiseman’s resemblance to Anthony Davis, the Bay Area legend currently starting for the Warriors, Jerami Grant’s shot selection, appealing 2021 NBA Draft selections, and much more.

Sam and Andy are dealing with their team’s fall from grace about as well as you can expect, but they were Warriors fans before it was cool. I’m sure they’ll be fine in the long run, but in the meantime, it’s a lot of relying on Kelly Oubre Jr. doing stuff, and that’s not good for anyone. The Pistons, on the other hand, are right where they want to be - competitive but winless.

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Thanks for listening, everyone. Enjoy the podcast:

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