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Detroit Bad Boys podcast: Reflecting on Andre Drummond, and the big men set to take his place

Also hear how you can win exclusive Pistons tickets

DBB podcast

This week on the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast Ben Gulker and guest co-host Shamike Mohile talk all about the Andre Drummond trade, and everything that goes with every conversation that involves Andre Drummond.

Should the Pistons have made the trade or kept Drummond for the rest of the season? What should the plan be going forward now that the Pistons have a $35 million war chest? They also discuss how Drummond was failed by the Pistons organization, hinting at this banger of a piece Ben wrote.

Listen and you’ll also hear how you can win tickets to the game against the Milwaukee Bucks! (Hint: It involves Andre Drummond).

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Thanks for listening, y’all. Enjoy the podcast.