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DBB Podcast: Vibe Check with Ku Khahil

Ku and Laz talk about the rest of the season for the Detroit Pistons

DBB podcast

Hey everyone. This is Laz Jackson of Detroit Bad Boys, and on this week’s podcast, we’re talking about your 19-38 Detroit Pistons. Ku Khahil joins me in place of Ben Gulker to talk about Sekou’s development, Vibe Check the locker room, and discuss Thon Maker looking like an actual asset.

At first, during editing, I was wondering; “Did we talk TOO much about Sekou?” But Sekou’s development - on the court and in the locker room - really is the thing that should be driving the rest of the season, so it’s fair to talk that much about him. There are other things that matter - 20ish games of Luke Kennard and Bruce Brown hopefully sharing a backcourt, seeing what Khyri Thomas has (hopefully), getting the two-way guys to 45 days - but not as much as Sekou. So, ultimately, it’s fair to talk about him this much.

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Thanks for listening, y’all. Enjoy the pod.