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Pistons Vs. Everybody: Back to the Future

Talking Reggie Jackson’s buyout and the 2020 Draft with Matt Schoch

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Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) brings in Matt Schoch (@Matt_Schoch_) of the Locked On Pistons podcast to talk about Reggie Jackson’s buyout, the 2020 NBA Draft, and what the Detroit Pistons should offer Christian Wood in free agency.

Reggie’s buyout frees up a roster spot for the Pistons, but just who should take that spot (Jordan Bone, Louis King, Donte’ Hall, or another G-Leaguer) and - maybe more importantly - WHEN that spot should be filled is an open question. The buyout also sets the Pistons up to look for their mythical point guard of the future; fortunately, this year’s NBA draft has a lot of point guard prospects.

Laz and Matt also go through some prospects that would be good for the Pistons - and why it might be advantageous for the Pistons to stay where they are in the lottery.

Matt was a fantastic guest - we will definitely have him on again. In addition to hosting the Locked On Pistons podcast, Matt was part of creating a short documentary on local basketball wunderkind Emoni Bates called “Ypsi’s Emoni” - be sure to check that out.

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Thanks for listening, everyone. Enjoy the podcast: