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Pistons Vs Everybody: Talking Luke Kennard to Phoenix with Mike Vigil

Laz and Mike go over what Luke Kennard means to Detroit and Phoenix

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) and Mike Vigil (@protectedpick) talk through the Luke Kennard to Phoenix trade rumors: What Luke offers the Suns this season and beyond, what the Suns are offering according to Woj, Luke playing next to Devin Booker, why the Suns wouldn’t place a high premium on protecting this year’s first-round pick, and why the Pistons would even consider parting with Luke during a rebuild.

The more I examine the framework Woj offered, the more I think the feasibility of this trade swings on how the Pistons evaluate Elie Okobo. Jevon Carter is a known quantity, an unprotected first-round pick is almost always valuable (even in a draft as volatile as this one), but how you interpret Okobo’s slight-but-present improvement as a shooter and passer this year is the key.

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