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NBA Trade Deadline Open Thread: All the moves the Pistons (and other teams) make (and don’t make)

Andre Iguodala kicked things off by getting PAID

Andre Iguodala Visits LinkedIn Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images

The NBA Trade Deadline is here, and we’ll know sometimes after 3 p.m. if the Detroit Pistons did nothing or did something. But those moves are impacted by the moves other teams throughout the NBA make.

Already, the Hawks, once rumored to be interested in Andre Drummond, pivoted to a Clint Capela blockbuster that involved 12 players and four teams.

The next big shoe to drop was a player that actually hasn’t played at all this season. Andre Iguodala, who has sat out in Memphis awaiting freedom to a preferred contender, got his wish, and a fat $30 million extension, in a proposed deal to the Miami Heat.

That deal hasn’t gone through yet because Pat Riley, ever the cocksman, is swinging his ... muscle and trying to net both Iggy and Danilo Galinari from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

That deal appeals to OKC because it would likely get them under the luxury tax and net them a decent asset. Miami is still working out the details of Galinari’s contract extension but that deal is as good as done.

Elsewhere, the Philadelphia 76ers have traded three second-round picks to Golden State for Alec Burks and former Piston Glenn Robinson III, who decided to make his 3-pointers this season. Good for him.

Seriously, I’m not bitter.

The Sixers move means they are no longer a potential destination for Detroit 3-point threat Langston Galloway. Does that mean Galloway moves elsewhere or doesn’t get moved at all?

We shall see.

I’ll be updating this thread with major developments, and those in the chat will get there first so join the party.

Update: 10:30 a.m.

Update: 10:33 a.m.

Get your pitchforks out. I just don’t understand this at all. Rose, I can talk myself into. Not moving Morris (and the unmentioned Galloway) makes negative sense.