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Christian Wood tests positive for coronavirus

As if you needed more proof this season was doomed

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Christian Wood has tested positive for COVID-19, the disease brought on by the coronavirus, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic. Wood faced off against Rudy Gobert and the Utah Jazz on Wednesday, and Gobert along with Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell both tested positive for COVID-19:

This is just one more thing that’s gone wrong this year for the Pistons - I think we can fairly say this is the most unlucky Pistons season in recent memory.

Christian Wood, blessedly, is in the prime of his youth and will be in excellent medical care, so I wouldn’t expect any adverse effects long-term, or even when (if?) the season resumes for the Detroit Pistons and the NBA at large. A press release sent out by the Pistons says that Wood is currently being held in self-isolation and that the team is working with all the relevant partners to ensure his safety and the safety of others.

This situation - exposure to one player (Rudy Gobert) causing other players to become infected - was the exact situation the NBA (and other professional leagues) were trying to avoid by putting the season on hiatus. Wood’s case only reinforces that the league did the correct thing in this situation, as much as it sucks for us as fans and consumers.

And, you know, we are all also potential victims of the coronavirus, and we all must continue to utilize best practices - social distancing, consistent and thorough handwashing - to make sure this disease does not overwhelm the medical facilities where we live.

We will keep you updated with any new news on Christian Wood’s case. Keep Christian in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

Flatten the curve, y’all.