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#FlexFromHome for A Good Cause

Help an OG DBB writer, StockX, and Feeding America by showing off your sneakers and outfits while staying safe at home.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Your first thought is probably “they still let this guy write on here?” Hell yeah they do. And, of course, I decide to make my triumphant return to the DBB blogosphere amidst an NBA shutdown due to coronavirus.

My timing is impeccable.

Today, however, I am not here to blog about the abysmal state of our Detroit Pistons or the crippling depression from having no basketball or any sports outside of Marble Races on YouTube.

No, I am here to talk about how we can all come together to help each other during these strange, anxious, weird times of social distancing.

Quick backstory: When I am not tweeting or ranting about the Pistons, I’m working with the incredibly talented and creative content team at StockX. If you’re not familiar, we’re a live marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, streetwear, collectibles, handbags, and watches. We also create incredible video, editorial, and social content in my completely unbiased opinion.

A week ago, we learned that most of our team would be moving to Work From Home (WFH) for the foreseeable future, all in an effort to mitigate the outbreak of COVID-19. This isn’t unique to just our company or to Detroit. Most companies, businesses, and schools have closed or are having the majority of their team WFH as well.

This drastic change not only means a different way of everyday life for millions, it also means kids missing out on lunches and families living check-to-check. It also means many are starting to feel real financial stress. We wanted to do something to help while still practicing and promoting social distancing. Enter the #FlexFromHome challenge.

Just because we’re all stuck on the couch with our laptops doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with our outfits. So why not show off and do some good for those most at need in our local communities. On March 16, StockX announced a $20,000 donation to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. This specific fund is working with local food banks across the country to get supplies and meals to the people most in need. For every WFH fit pic posted on Instagram or Twitter with #FlexFromHome and tagging StockX, we’ll donate an additional $1. That dollar helps Feeding America cover the cost of 10 additional meals for people in need.

In just one week we received over 2,500 pics, equaling over 25,000+ meals for Feeding America. And we’re just getting started.

So post as many pics as you can between now and April 3rd. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a collection like Langston or the best pajamas in the game.

Every fit pic counts.