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VIDEO: What version of Blake Griffin was the best?

Griffin might be gone but he is far from forgotten

NBA: Washington Wizards at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin was only 24 when he hit the prime of his career. In 2013-14, Griffin burst onto the scene as not just a superhero athlete, but a mega NBA superstar.

Griffin then watched a lot of his prime years taken away from him as injury after injury derailed season after season.

When the Detroit Pistons traded for the damaged superstar, the risk was clear. Detroit was hoping Griffin would find a way to stay healthy throughout the season and play at the level he showed in 2014.

After having an offseason to get familiar with his new surroundings in Detroit and improve his game, Griffin went on to have one of the best seasons in Detroit Pistons history. Griffin also led the Pistons to only their second playoff appearance since 2008.

However, Griffin has been sidelined most of this season and even when he was playing, he was clearly hampered and not 100%. This has caused many in Detroit to turn their backs on Griffin and forget how great he was last season.

Which begs the question:

Which version of Blake Griffin was the best?

2013-2014 Griffin with the Los Angelas Clippers?

Or the 2018-2019 Griffin with the Detroit Pistons?

Click the video to find out!