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Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge: Joe Dumars Region

Featuring beat writers new and old and a legendary troll

The Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge is back for 2020. Featuring the most insightful, ambitious, knowledgeable, multimedia proficient members of the Pistons Twitter family. From diehard fans to blog boys to bonafide beat writers. They’re all represented.

We’re going to unveil the bracket one region at a time, starting with the Joe Dumars Region. This was a difficult region to peg because of some seriously late-season maneuvering among the big-name contenders.

I’m speaking, of course, of Vincent Ellis leaving his post at the Detroit Free Press but surprising everyone by staying in the Pistons family with a plum new role as a content creator for Platinum Equity. But we also had to make room for the new kid in town, new beat writer Omari Sankofa, who inherits the No. 1 seed that is bestowed on all the beat writers.

Sankofa is an MSU alum who has covered sports in Pittsburgh and recently on the Memphis Grizzlies beat. A welcome addition to the Pistons Twitter family.

Other hightlights of the region include the blog father, Matt Watson, getting his always deserved entry into the tournament. He’s a big shot now transforming the digital presence of the Chicago Sun Times, but Detroit Bad Boys will always be his home. I’ve pitted myself against him because, hey, if I gotta lose, it might as well be to him.

This region also features the tireless Matt Schoch, host of the Locked On Pistons podcast, jersey design wiz conradburry, rising multimedia, multi-platform star Ku Kahil and one of the top vote getters of the Pistons Twitter entry contest — @andrestans.

I said vote totals would be a big factor in the seeding this year, and I am a man of my word.

You can vote for the winners in each region at the Detroit Bad Boys Twitter page.

Joe Dumars Region

1 @OmariSankofa vs. 16. @LukeWolthuis

2. @Vincent_Ellis56 vs. 15. @RG2WRLD

Submission about @RG2WRLD:

“He is a diehard Pistons fan, and he’s nice and funny to everyone on Twitter.”

3. @KuKahilNBA vs. 14. @DetroitVibes

Submission about @KuKahilNBA:

“bc he knows what he is talking about when it comes to DET basketball.”

4. @matt_schoch_4 vs. 13. @SekouGotNext

5. @MotorCityBanter vs. 9. @notzarzarbinks

Submission about @MotorCityBanter

“He’s the jersey lord and I’ve been following him for 5 years so vote him in!”

6. @conradburry vs. 11 @m_james_snyder

7. @andrestans vs. 10 @tmoormanNBA

Submission in support of @andrestans:

“he got Dre, an NBA reporter, and Christian Wood’s auntie to fall for his shitposts. Legend.”

8. @sean_corp vs. 9 @matt_watson

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