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Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge: Dave Bing Region

The Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge is back for 2020. Featuring the most insightful, ambitious, knowledgeable, multimedia proficient members of the Pistons Twitter family. From diehard fans to blog boys to bonafide beat writers. They’re all represented.

We’re going to unveil the bracket one region at a time, and next up is the Dave Bing Region. This region features some heavy hitters including Keith Langlois, Fumble Dimension maestro Kofie Yeboah and the juggernaut with a top knot Nicolas Henkel.

We have fandom represented as well with everyone’s favorite Pistons psychologist and Support Group creator @PistonsThoughts, and the best Pistons fan in flyover country (outside of Michigan) @PistonsFanIndy.

There are also some solid writers/bloggers, new and old, with @Need4Sheed facing off against @patrick_hayes as well as @BrandonEngel and @Sports_Aaron.

Dave Bing Region

1 @KeithLanglois vs. 16. @ItsThonMaker

2. @NicolasHenkel vs. 15. @JDSportsTweets

Submission on behalf of @NicolasHenkel:

“Not only does this person show a love for the Detroit Pistons, but he also shows a passion and love for the game like none other. Nick is a model form of what NBA media should be like. He cares about every team, interacts with every person equally, and respects others opinions even if they differ from his. 100% the best account on Pistons Twitter.”

3. @KofieYeboah vs. 14. @Special_Ralph

4. @PistonsThoughts vs. @03Draft

Submission on behalf of @PistonsThoughts:

“His support groups (Periscope Streams) are amazing to watch. They are funny, and his knowledge on the game of basketball is endless.”

5. @BrandonEngel_ vs. 12. @thommc18

Submission on behalf of @BrandonEngel_:

“Low-key the wittiest member of Pistons twitter. The memes, the jokes and the gags. Honestly one of the most creative accounts out there when it comes to off the wall humor and general lightheartedness.”

6. @DanFeldmanNBA vs. 11. @PistonsFanIndy

Submission on behalf of @PistonsFanIndy:

“He’s a hardcore OG fan and has an amazing collection of signed player gear and items in his insane man cave.”

7. @Sports_Aaron vs. 10. @badboysremix

8 @Need4Sheed_com vs. 9 @patrick_hayes

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