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Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge: Rasheed Wallace Region

Star-studded region features #StartWriting, the dean, a nice head of hair and endless Cambys

The Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge is back for 2020. Featuring the most insightful, ambitious, knowledgeable, multimedia proficient members of the Pistons Twitter family. From diehard fans to blog boys to bonafide beat writers. They’re all represented.

We’re going to unveil the bracket one region at a time, and next up is the Rasheed Wallace Region. The No. 1 seed is the owner of the hashtag made for Twitter Rod Beard and his #StartWriting campaign.

What started as a signal that a beat writer on deadline had seen enough to start writing his game story, became a mantra with T-shirts to match. Sadly, for Pistons fans, it’s usually Detroit on the receiving end of a blowout and so #StartWriting hits a little different.

The second seed is the dean of Pistons Twitter, Lazarus Jackson, aka @lazchance. You can find him at DBB writing about the draft and his velvet tones on two podcasts — The Detroit Bad Boys Podcast and Detroit Vs. Everybody on the BlueWire Network.

But this region is far from top heavy. You also have Fox Sports Detroit and official celebrity friend of Pistons Twitter Johnny Kane, YouTube video maestro @TimForkinTV, the keeper of the Camby call @EliBashiNBA and a couple of my personal favorite follows on Twitter @Halbridious and the world’s greatest Tony Snell Fan @SnellSZN.

Rasheed Wallace Region

1 @DetNewsRodBeard vs. 16. @RedAlternates

2. @lazchance vs. 15. EdwardFarrell6

Submission about @lazchance:

“The bb analysis the willingness to discuss bb with anybody and some nice jokes too.”

3. @EliBashiNBA vs. 14. @ellenk124

Submission about EliBashiNBA:

“He knows more than what’s on the surface of Pistons happenings. His knowledge runs deep.”

4. @JohnnyKaneFSD vs. 13. @JohnHensonFan

Submission about @JohnHensonFan:

John Henson is goated ... we all know it. He averages 6.9 points as a Piston. Nice.”

5. @SnellSZN vs. 9. @Sekou_SZN

6. @TimForkinTV vs. 11 @jamie_delancey

Submission about @TimFrokinTV

“One of the best Pistons YouTube content creators.”

7. @Halbridious vs. 10 @ImMartinHi

8. @waymatth vs. 9 @brady_fred

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