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Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge: Bill Laimbeer Region

The defending champ, the Athletic scribe (promo code not included) and the world’s biggest Heat fan

The Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge is back for 2020. Featuring the most insightful, ambitious, knowledgeable, multimedia proficient members of the Pistons Twitter family. From diehard fans to blog boys to bonafide beat writers. They’re all represented.

We’re going to unveil the bracket one region at a time, and next up is the Bill Laimbeer Region. James L Edwards, Duncan Smith, Shamike Mohile and Tony Dombrowksi. As the latter would say, “LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

The final region unveiled in the bracket features some of the biggest vote getters from last year’s inaugural challenge include Edwards of The Athletic, a young beat writer who is expert at unearthing the wildest, most fascinating Pistons stories. It also includes Detroit Bad Boys’ arch nemesis and Pistons writer/sometimes Heat writer/ editor of Hoops Habit and occasional Star Trek pontificator Duncan Smith.

Dombrowksi brings the passion in his all-Detroit sports videos and insta reactions while Shamike (@shamshammgod) is a go-to source for Pistons knowledge, especially, as the Pistons rack up injuries and he clearly articulates what’s going on and how long they might be sidelined.

Somewhat controversially, @Joe_Truck won the Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge last year, summoning a hoard of voters. He got a tattoo to celebrate his victory (courtesy of the 12-seeded @Rinnawith2eyes) and actually asked not to be included this year. I guess he thought there was nowhere to go but down. We’ll see if that’s true!

Bill Laimbeer Region

1. @JLEdwardsIII vs. 16. @RyanKing_52

Submission about @JLEdwardsIII:

“Hands down the best writer covering the Pistons.”

2. @DuncanSmithNBA vs. 15. @Charlottean28

Submission about @DuncanSmithNBA:

“Another really funny personality, killed baby yoda so that’s pretty impressive and deserving of a high seed if you ask me.”

3. @Shamshammgod vs. 14. @TriolaNBA

Submission on behalf of @shamshammgod:

He’s funny. He’s insightful. He’s smart. He’s handsome. He knows about basketball. He is a doctor.

4. @tonydombrowski vs. 13. @D_schandy24

Submission on healf of @D_schandy24:

“He loves the Pistons more than anyone I know. Honestly, it‚Äôs annoying how much he loves them. But he has an intense passion for the Pistons and I know he deserves it with how much work he has put in with his podcast and the relationships he has made through the Pistons even through Twitter!!”

5. @DarkoVsEveryone vs. 12. @Rinnawith2eyes

Submission on behalf of @Rinawith2eyes:

“Creates GIFs during games and has good perspective on what’s going on with the team. He’s legit.”

6. @ajohnsonNBA vs. 11. @drummondfp

Submission on behalf of @drummondfp:

“She has good posts. Amazing content.”

7. @DetroitKoolAid vs. 10. @PistonsPlay

8. @Joe_Truck vs.@the_fernantula

Submission on behalf of @Joe_Truck:

“He’s the defending champion and must be forced to defend his title.”

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