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Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge unveiled: See all 64 entrants into the Pistons fan tournament

Who is the biggest Detroit Pistons fan on Twitter? Your votes will decide!

The Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge is finally finished. After tabulating more than 250 potential entrants, weighted against last year’s bracket and this year’s must-have inclusions based on influence, insight and, well, follower count, it’s time to unveil this year’s bracket.

Last year, more than 35,000 votes were cast in support of the biggest Detroit Pistons fans online. Who knows what is in store this year.

Download the Pistons Twitter Bracket (Clean)

Download the Pistons Twitter Bracket (Round 1)

The bracket has been divided into four regions honoring four PIstons greats — Joe Dumars, Rasheed Wallace, Dave Bing and Bill Laimbeer.

Voting for the first round will last 82 hours — an hour for each of what should be a full NBA season as we sit here waiting to find out if the NBA season will actually resume or not this year.

I have created a post for each region of the tournament, with more details on the matchups, and there will be Twitter polls added to each post as I get them created. For now, people in the tournament are encouraged to start drumming up support and/or trash talking their competitors.

This year, we relied on a entrant submission form (people were not asked to vote for themselves. Did they? Shrug emoji. The response to the entry form was amazing as were some of the comments left in support of the amazing people on Twitter.

The top vote-getter, by far, was @NicolasHenkel followed by @AndreStans1, @drummondfp, @shamshammgod, @darkovseeryone, @EliBashiNBA and @KuKahilNBA. Submissions were only part of the entry consideration, of course.

Read more about the competitors in the 2020 Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge: