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32 move on in Pistons Twitter Bracket Challenge

More than 20,000 votes cast in round one

After 20,000 votes, some robust trash talk, friendly alliances, unrepentant trolling and some controversial exits, the first round of the Pistons Twitter is in the books. Round one saw a record number of votes and an epic upset of a No. 1 seed with new beat writer Omari Sankofa fell to Pistons fan Luke Wolthuis.

We also had two wildcard slots as two individuals were forced to withdraw from the competition so the two highest vote-getters among those who fell short in their matchups advanced. Why did I introduce this in a single-elimination bracket? Because I felt like it, and it seemed more fun.

Voting for the Round of 32 will be open for 48 hours and will determine the Sweet 16. Among the heavy hitters still remaining are the three remaining beat writers James L. Edwards, Keith Langlois and Rod Beard plus former beat writer Vince Ellis.

The blog boy contingent is represented by our own @lazchance, @shamshammgod, @kukhahilNBA, @brady_fred, @joe_truck, and @sean_corp. Other writers and content producers include @DuncanSmithNBA, @NicholasHenkel, @ajohnsonNBA, @JohnnyKaneFSD, @matt_schoch, @TimForkinTV, @EliBashiNBA, @tonydombrowski and more.

All are worth a follow if you are so inclined.