Blake working out, Sekou flying away, Vincent Ellis with new job, FO preparation for draft and free agency – Pistons newsletter from non-all-star brake

It seems that Blake is back in business. The biggest Pistons star was seen by TMZ Sports working out in Los Angeles area. He looks to be in great shape. This means that he should be able to go through his full off season training regiment, which two years ago prepared him for the best season of his career. And this in turn means that next season he could again be a dominant player in NBA. In this case, this kind of trade might really be in play. Because yes, trading Blake to some contender for some young assets seems to be the best way going forward, both for him and for the Pistons. As the end of his aforementioned best season showed, Blake can’t carry a team all by himself. We have some interesting prospects who, nevertheless, aren’t ready to form with him a core of contending NBA team. But there are teams that look to be Blake away of becoming a challenger. It’s a tough one, because Blake was the best thing this team has since disintegration of the Going to work crew, but it’s for the best and we always have this one great season of him to remember (here and here are some samples of his pretty bully plays from that year).

According to our insiders that work undercover in disguise of ESPN reporters, Sekou left Detroit to be with his family in France. France belongs to European countries severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic. But the situation seems to be slowly improving there. It’s understandable that Sekou wants to be with his family in this difficult times. The team knows about his departure, so apparently no issue here.

Vincent Ellis wasn’t long unemployed. The former Pistons beat writer for Free Press became a member of Platinum Equity Content Team with the title of "director". His job will be to put "a face on people, places and issues surrounding Platinum’s global portfolio of operating companies". He says that this will allow him to continue his "storytelling journey" he began since leaving his "sweet home, Alabama". Although, there might be more to this. Platinum Equity might want to hire a color commentator to cover with colors the black and white uncovering about controversial operations of one of its companies, Securus Technologies, reported by our own fault-by-fault revelator, MrHappyMushroom (hope all’s good with you and your family in Latin America during this challenging period, MHM).

Ed Stefanski informs that the Pistons FO is ready for doing the draft and free agency evaluation processes in changed conditions: "I think if June 25 rolled around, there’s no doubt we’d be prepared. Maybe in a different manner. Obviously, we wouldn’t have live workouts. We would have to do more virtual – virtual interviews with players – and we’d get the medical done, I’d think, in all different cities. But we’re ready to adapt. We’ve talked about many different scenarios that could happen. I feel comfortable with whatever". The pandemic thwarted the plans to make second scouting trip to Europe, but they made one in early parts of the season. They also saw prospect from others parts of the world: "We’ve had someone’s eyes on all the players, even the ones that were in New Zealand, Australia and over in Europe". Stefanski also assures that they made plenty of work on pending free agents.

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