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Finally, something good comes from The Last Dance as Piston fan inspired to create amazing Bad Boys poster

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Look at this amazing piece of art

Nick Jones

ESPN’s The Last Dance is a great hagiography of Michael Jordan. It’s great to see such an in-depth look at the greatest to ever play the game. But for Pistons fans, man, it’s been a little bit tough.

Detroit’s been called thugs, bitches, bad for basketball, punks and even worse. We’ve been subjected to litigating the walk off all over again.

Finally, though, something good has come from The Last Dance, at least from a Pistons perspective. Graphic designer Nick Jones created a Bad Boys print inspired by the underdog dynasty of the 80s.

Better still, it’s modeled after Detroit’s historic neighborhood boundaries and just oozes Detroit cool.

As I told creator Nick Jones (@Nick_JonesSYR on Twitter) as soon as I saw it, take my money.

We’ll see if I’m ever able to shell out some hard-earned cash for a real print of this bad boy featuring the Bad Boys, but at the very least grab it for a phone background or something.

A piece of art this gorgeous and perfect for Pistons fans certainly shouldn’t go to waste.