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Film Don’t Lie: How Good is Christian Wood?

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Sure, he’s good, but he could be even better

Christian Wood made a name for himself this past season with the Detroit Pistons. After being a fringe NBA player for the first four years of his post-college career, Wood has all but secured himself a long-term contract this offseason. While he is under the radar some team is going to give him big money.

Most Pistons fans want the team to re-sign Wood no matter the costs. You can’t really lame them as Wood put on an absolute show for anyone who tuned in to watch the Pistons during the post Andre Drummond-trade days (who’s willingly watching the Pistons, I know).

The 25-year-old played the best basketball of his career in those 13 games after Drummond’s departure before the NBA postponed the season due to COVID-19 (with Wood being one of the few NBA players to contract coronavirus).

Wood tied or set a career high in points seven times in those 13 games, and he scored more than 20 points in nine.

In my latest video, I break down Wood’s game and what he can do to be worth a big contract and more to the Pistons or some other franchise. The video covers the big questions:

  • What does Christian Wood excel at?
  • What does Christian Wood need to improve upon?
  • Is he worthy of the Pistons paying big money to if the situation calls for such a bargain?

Wood has himself a cult-like following in the Pistons fanbase, so the public typically just hears about how great he is; and nothing at all about his weaknesses that he must improve on.

Overall, this video will answer this question:

Christian Wood is good, but how GOOD is he?

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