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Pistons Vs Everybody: Detroit’s offseason checklist

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Laz talks to Alex Kungu about the Pistons’ draft and free agency needs - and a coaching change?

Hey everyone. Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) talks to Alex Kungu (@Kungu_NBA) of Hoops Island to talk about the Detroit Pistons’ offseason checklist. That checklist included draft targets, free agency names, guys the Pistons should re-sign, and... some potential coaching change candidates.

When Alex came out of the gate with some names for the Pistons to replace Dwane Casey with, I knew this was going to be a good episode. We also talked about why the Pistons should trade down (?!), why he mocked LaMelo Ball to Detroit in a recent mock draft, future Blake Griffin trades, Luke Kennard love, and more.

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Thanks for listening, everyone. Enjoy the episode: