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Blake Griffin’s health podcast guest lineup includes Michael B. Jordan, Deepak Chopra, Oksana Masters and more

Podcast launches exclusively on Audible on Aug. 4

Blake Griffin’s podcast “Pursuit of Healthiness” will debut exclusively on Audible on Aug. 4 with a range of guests from Hollywood to sports scientists.

Griffin is obsessive about health, wellness and training, a topic he covered in detail on a podcast appearance on You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes. It was a value instilled in him at a young age by his parents, and he has carried it through his life as a professional athlete.

Now Griffin’s debut podcast as host covers this essential topic, and he has enlisted a roster of guests to explore health, wellness, biometics body image and more.

Guests in season one of “Pursuit of Healthiness” includes actor Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther), “Queer Eye” food expert Antoni Porowski, mindfulness guru Deepak Chopra, comedian Chelsea Handler on the benefits of cannabis, Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe on the importance of mediation; model and “Project Runway” host Karli Kloss on body image; Dave Asprey on biohacking; Paralympian Oksana Masters and Scott M. Smith, Ph.D on how he keeps astronauts healthy.

“As a professional athlete, I’ve been pushing my physical abilities to the limit for as long as I can remember and have always been incredibly fascinated by what the mind and body can do,” Griffin said in a release on the podcast. “Now, more than ever, wellness of both body and mind is crucial – my teammates, my friends, family and everyone around the globe need to focus on self-care.”

The podcast is available exclusively on Audible, which has already approved a season two of the podcast with production currently underway.