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Pistons Vs Everybody: How The Athletic would run the Pistons

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Laz talks to Dave DuFour about the Pistons’ future

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) talks to Dave DuFour (@DaveDuFourNBA) about The Athletic’s piece on how they’d run the Pistons. That turned into a discussion about heliocentricity, what areas of the game Sekou Doumbouya should focus on, drafting the best player available (which is ... not James Wiseman), and a possible Luke Kennard - Caris LeVert trade.

Dave is a great guy to talk to - and you can hear him talk on multiple podcasts this week, including his podcast at The Athletic, Nerder She Wrote. I am definitely going to try to have Dave on as a guest again. Follow Dave on Twitter, and subscribe to The Athletic for more NBA coverage.

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Thanks for listening, y’all. Enjoy the podcast.