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Pistons Vs Everybody: Goodbye Grand Rapids

Laz talks to Ti Windisch about the Pistons’ G-League future in downtown Detroit.

Hey everyone. I (@lazchance) talked to Ti Windisch (@TiWindisch) about the Pistons purchasing a G-League team to play in downtown Detroit, and what that means for the current Pistons G-League affiliate, the Grand Rapids Drive. Then, we talked about the Milwaukee-to-Detroit Player Pipeline, the Milwaukee Bucks’ readiness for the NBA’s bubble environment in Florida, and why Khris Middleton needs to cuss some people out at practice for #Clout.

I wanted Ti on because he also extensively covers the Wisconsin Herd, the Bucks’s G-League affiliate, and has built relationships in the G-League that I think gives him insight into what an organizations desires and values in their G-League affiliate.

Follow Ti on Twitter, subscribe to his podcast with Rohan Katti, The Gyro Step, and check out his Patreon.

Thanks for listening, everyone. Enjoy the show!

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