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Sheed vs. the refs gets the documentary treatment it deserves

Beef History looks into the passion and principle behind Rahseed’s fiery attitude

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

I am a firm believer that there can never be too much content about Rasheed Wallace. He was not only one of the most skilled 7-footers to ever play the game, but he was also one of the most dynamic, fascinating personalities to ever lace them up.

Sadly, he was born about 10 years too early. A player truly ahead of his time, he was a 3-point shooting big when that was still frowned upon, and it is truly a cosmic injustice he played his best years in the pre-Twitter, pre-GIF era.

One of the most famous, or infamous, things about Sheed is his penchant at picking up technical fouls. He set records and forced the league to literally rewrite the rule book. Luckily for humanity, the good folks at SB Nation did a deep dive into Wallace’s battle with the refs in the latest installment of Beef History.

More than just a superficial highlight reel, this video written and produced by Seth Rosenthal explores specific incidences throughout Rasheed’s career, touches on systemic bias in refereeing as explored in scientific research and also, thankfully, a bunch of LeBron James bashing and the origins of the greatest three words in the English language, “ball don’t lie.”

It’s 16 minutes of basketball heaven. I miss that dude.