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Rumor: If Lonzo Ball is traded by New Orleans, Detroit is among most likely destinations

Ball has improved, yes, but can you build a team around him?

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

As the New Orleans Pelicans build a team around Zion Williamson and his superstar potential, it looks like one of the first casualties might be Lonzo Ball. Ball struggled mightily in the Bubble — looking ineffective and disinterested, and speculation has emerged that he is on his way out in New Orleans.

One of the teams that would be interested in Ball if he is moved is allegedly the Detroit Pistons. That juicy and modestly confusing nugget of info comes via Jason McIntyre of Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports Radio and the Straight Fire podcast.

“If/when Lonzo Ball is traded this offseason, most likely destination ____? Will discuss what I’ve heard on the show tomorrow. Wet your beak: charlotte (sp) Detroit,” McIntyre writes.

McIntyre used a couple eyeball emojis in his tweet, and it left me (confused face).

Ball had a resurgent season in New Orleans and looked like he was starting to put some things together, but he really struggled in Orlando. In his seven games he averaged 7.1 points on 30.5% shooting including 28.1% from 3 and only 55.6% from the line. He had just over a 2-to-1 assist to turnover ratio. He also just looked checked out in the whole restart.

During the non-pandemic portion of the NBA season, Ball looked like he was at least take much of his funky skillset and use it to have success on the floor. His funky shot was funky, but it was going in at a 40% clip. Still low but perhaps workable if you also bring elite passing and defense.

The Pistons have been desperate for a difference maker at point guard since trading Chauncey Billups over a decade ago. I’m not sure Ball is that guy. I’m not sure Lonzo is that guy, and I’m not sure LaMelo is that guy.

What do you think of this nugget of a rumor? Do you want it to be true? What would the Pistons have to give up? Would you pass no matter the cost?