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Pistons Vs Everybody: Detroit Drops in 2020 NBA Draft

Laz tells you why the Pistons falling in the draft is bad, but not all bad

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) goes solo to tell you why the Detroit Pistons falling in the lottery is bad, but not all bad, butcher an infamous Bioshock quote, and run through a very quick 2020 NBA Mock Draft as an exercise to see who the Pistons would have available at their draft slot.

Personally, I resolved before the lottery to be fine with the result no matter what, because the Pistons hired Troy Weaver, and finding great players in the NBA Draft is exactly what Troy Weaver does. This is the thing he was hired to do. I’m comfortable letting him do it, and you should be too.

(I also had a bunch of dreams about the lottery and the Pistons never got above the fifth slot in my dreams, so I’ve been subconsciously preparing for this for weeks.)

But also, there are tough questions to be asked about all the prospects at the top of this year’s draft, and now the Pistons... don’t have to ask those questions. They get to ask slightly easier questions, which hopefully simplifies their process.

Pistons Vs. Everybody is brought to you this week by BetOnline.AG and NFL Sunday Ticket.

Thanks for listening, everyone.