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Sources: Detroit Pistons “open” to trading #7 Pick in 2020 NBA Draft

Trade up? Trade down? Either is possible for the Pistons at 7

Iowa State v Auburn Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

These sources come to us courtesy of Jonathan Wasserman’s latest mock draft for Bleacher Report:

However, sources indicate the Pistons have also made it known they’re open to trading the No. 7 pick. Their best shot at a deal may be with a team willing to give up an established player or a rookie or sophomore with untapped potential. But it would also be worthwhile to talk to the Warriors.

Wasserman also mocked Onyeka Okongwu to the Pistons with the No. 7 pick, in case you were wondering.

To me, at least, this smells like a trade down further into the lottery. We’ve talked on Detroit Bad Boys about the Detroit Pistons possibly trading down, partnering with the Boston Celtics, who have three first-round picks and no desire (or development time available) for three more young players on their roster. Maybe this is that. Perhaps they’re going to extract something small from the Knicks to swap picks, freeing up the Knicks to get the point guard they prefer.

A trade up, on the other hand, forces the Pistons to add things to the trade pot, which I’m not sure they’re in a position to do. What can you add to the No. 7 pick to get you into the top two? Luke Kennard? Blake Griffin? Sekou Doumbouya? Are any of those guys worth it to another team (namely, the Golden State Warriors) to move up five spots? I personally don’t think so.

On lottery night, Troy Weaver mentioned how he felt that, in this draft, the same quality of player was available between No. 3 and No. 13. Operating with that mindset, the Pistons could go as low as No. 13 in any trade down, and add assets for the privilege. With where the Pistons are in their restoration, it’s a good idea to grab as many bites at the apple as possible:

Another interesting question is who Troy Weaver has in mind that he could get in a trade down. Trading down into the teens is in Patrick Williams range, based on Wasserman’s mock draft and other mock drafts we’ve seen this offseason, and Williams has struck me as the type of person/player mix that Weaver has expressed a desire for. Kira Lewis could be an easier sell in the teens than where the Pistons currently are slotted. Isaac Okoro - another guy in the Troy Weaver Person/Player Nexus - has slid from high in the lottery to later in the lottery this pre-draft process. Heck, I’ve seen my favorite player in this year’s draft, Killian Hayes, go as low as No. 14 in some mock drafts.

This extended pre-draft period has been exhausting, but getting the rumor mill churning has me a little more excited for the next 60ish days. At least we finally have a date for the 2020 NBA Draft: