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Pistons Vs. Everybody: Be Nice To Blake

Laz talks to Nick about the Pistons’ loss to the Hawks

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) talked to Nicolas Henkel (@NicolasHenkel) about the Detroit Pistons overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

That, in turn, became a discussion about fan irrationality, Blake Griffin’s future plans, wishing the best for Kevin Porter Jr., not doing player-to-player tampering, being last off the Killian Hayes train, how hard shooting postgame videos are, the anomaly better known as the Memphis Grizzlies, Wayne Ellington kicking down the door to more playing time, the Pistons’ future plans for Blake Griffin, Josh Jackson’s homecoming, Saben Lee trying to kill a man, finding parking in downtown Chicago, and much, much more.

I had never talked to Nick on a podcast before now! Even his appearance on the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast after winning the Pistons Twitter Championship was an interview from Fearless Leader Sean Corp, not me. Nick was a delight to talk to, and that also meant we went for a little over an hour - sorry about that.

Follow Nick on Twitter, and listen to his brand new podcast with James Edwards III: The Bun and Cardigan Show.