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Detroit Pistons rookie Killian Hayes leaves game with hip injury

Nothing official yet, but the non-contact injury didn’t look good

Detroit Pistons v Milwaukee Bucks

Detroit Pistons starting point guard and No. 7 overall pick left the team’s 125-115 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in the third quarter with a hip injury and did not return.

Hayes, who didn’t seem right all game, was chasing down a Bucks player in transition and as he extended to catch up he winced in pain and fell to the floor.

You can see in this clip even as he began running he seems a bit hobbled and it just gets worse from there.

Nothing is for certain yet, and all the team reported out was that Hayes sustained a right hip injury and would not return, but it doesn’t look terribly good for the 19-year-old rookie.

Again, this is a bit of speculation, but in this clip Hayes seems to mouth something to the effect of “I heard it pop or I felt it pop.”

There were also reports on Twitter that the Bucks broadcasters, who were in the arena, heard Hayes tell the medical staff that he felt a pop.

What does that mean? Nothing good.

After the game, Dwane Casey said that Hayes is scheduled to get an MRI tomorrow and they will learn more.

“They thought it was a hip flexor but they weren’t sure so we’ll find out more tomorrow,” Casey said.

Could it keep Hayes out weeks? Probably. Could it keep him out months? Maybe.

We won’t know for sure, but it’s unfortunate the rookie, who has been struggling with his shot early this season will be out for an extended period without a chance to continue playing, learning and changing the narrative.

We will have more as it becomes available.