NBA Vaccination Rates...

Didn't know what thread to fit this into, so I thought I'd FanPost so everyone could get a look and comment if interested.

Just read the NBA vaccination rate has hit 95% (for at least the first doses) for COVID-19. This is great news because as the vaccination rate approaches 100%, this means much less chance of infected players, quarantines, and cancelled games. As everyone most likely knows, New York and San Francisco (not sure about the other cities in California) are mandating all players will need to be vaccinated to be able to play in their arenas.

This means players like Andrew Wiggins or Kyrie Irving (two of the outspoken players regarding vaccines) will need to be vaccinated to participate in their teams home games. What makes me hopeful that all (or nearly all) players in the near future will be vaccinated is the fact that the NBA has recently stated that players who are unable to play at home because of their vaccination status will not be paid for those games. (Emphasis mine). Just as employers all over the country are setting the example of giving their workers the choice of remaining unvaccinated but having to give up their paychecks, it's good the see the NBA follow suit. Though in this case it's no vaccine vs. millions of dollars.

Safer for players = safer in arenas = safer for fans!

Large indoor spaces with thousands of people attending can produce super spreader events. Especially with the Delta variant. Personally, I believe all fans should need proof of vaccination to attend NBA games. G League included. That would further protect fans, staff, coaches and players. The the Buffalo Bills have instituted this policy already. The COVID crises has lasted too long, unnecessarily too long. I'm glad to see the NBA doing it's part to try to bring this unfortunate situation (aka national crisis) under control.

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