Pistons are still inquiring about Ben Simmons

Philadelphia Inquirer reports that six teams are still interested and trying to explore a deal involving Ben Simmons. Simmons, 25, but already a 3-time NBA All-Star is sitting out the 76ers fall camp and the team withheld it's $8.25MM payment due him as of this past Friday. Things are heating up in terms of some movement may break.

Although I would consider the Pistons more of a fringe factor in a deal, you can't deny that adding Simmons to pair with Grant, Cunningham, Stewart, and the many other youngsters on the roster really is intriguing to imagine. Of course there would be a cost to obtain him and just what player assets would the 76ers view as appropriate. Some have speculated that Grant would be the asking price, but others have claimed that Cunningham would have to be the centerpiece of any deal.

Does any deal make sense, in terms of losing any young players from the Detroit Roster to equal the value of Simmons? Next year's draft pick can't be sent, given it has restrictions on it already. Losing Grant or Cunningham simply doesn't seem very appealing to me. Isaiah Stewart also seems like our long term hope at center.

In terms of position personnel to take the place of Simmons Detroit could and would likely be happy to send Corey Joseph or even Killian Hayes, despite the fact that he's still so young. Would a package with these two players make any sense to Philadelphia? What else could the Pistons send to the 76ers to entice them? Saddiq Bey also is a possibility.

If Hayes, Bey, and Joseph were enough to obtain Simmons, would you do it?

Would a line-up of Simmons, Cunningham, Grant, Stewart, and Olynyk be appealing? Would a bench of Lee, F Jackson, J Jackson, Diallo, Livers, Lyles, Garza, Pickett, Smith, and McGruder be enough?

I suppose I am getting carried away. Let's see if somehow Detroit plays a supporting role in the deal perhaps, right?

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