What does Zero points mean for Killian Hayes?

I didn't see the game, but looked at the box score and was really disappointed to see Killian Hayes had zero points scored. What? Why? How does a starter get zero points? Is it just me but I was astonished and dismayed.

That cannot be a good sign. That cannot be the Piston's new lead point guard. I simply cannot reconcile myself that he is better than Saben Lee or any other point guard option the Pistons have. Sure they invested a lottery pick in him, but I'd try to move him fast before he has no value at all.

Sekou Doumbouya didn't pan out. That was disappointing, but it happens. The same seems to be the case so far for Hayes. I feel for the coaches and the GM, I mean they hate to give up on a player, but Hayes either has to prove he's going to be a player or you've got to move on.

Can they send him to play for the developmental team? If that's an option, I'd do it. He has to show he can score and has the confidence to score. A starting point guard in the NBA has to score at least 8 or 9 points per game in my opinion. Zero just doesn't cut it.

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