Cunningham clearing the path for Hayes?

Sending the #1 overall pick down to the G-League seems like a pretty drastic move but could it be to set the tone for sending Killian Hayes down after Cade Cunningham arrives?

Sending Hayes down without setting some precedent of doing that to a leading role player might really mess him up mentally. However, if the #1 overall does it, there's really no stigma attached to any young player being assigned down to the developmental league.

It seems pretty widely agreed that giving Hayes time to gain more confidence in his shot and just establishing himself more would make sense. It shouldn't be a long term demotion, either he rises to the occasion or he doesn't pretty fast. If he has it in him to excel we should see it soon. If he's just not the right guy then I think GM Weaver will see the writing on the wall and move on.

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