More Details Emerge on Simmons Trade Possibilities

Ok, are you or aren't you up for some Ben Simmons time? Well, I think Troy Weaver is doing his homework and trying to consider various possibilities, and perhaps willing to try to lure Simmons or another team to involve the Pistons in a deal involving Simmons.

If the Pistons get involved here are the players that are likely to be involved:

Jerami Grant - because his salary and skill are appealing to other teams throughout the league;

Kelly Olynyk - again his skill set and experience are definitely well liked around the league;

Corey Joseph - his veteran leadership can provide key depth at the 1 for any team that is considering using a young player on an otherwise veteran team.

A Sixer's article discusses the trade potential between the two teams: and cites these aforementioned players are the most likely to be involved.

Although it might seem awkward to consider at first glance, the creation of a trio of ball handlers like Simmons, Cunningham, and Hayes might be a very interesting and unique combination that could put the rest of the NBA in some troubling match-ups. I could envision the team's rotations looking like this:

Guards - Simmons, Cunningham, and Hayes; backed up by Lee, Frank Jackson, and Diallo

Front Duo - Stewart and Bey; backed up by Garza and Livers long term, with Lyles and Josh Jackson perhaps initially

Hopefully, Chris Smith and Jamorko Pickett might become factors too.

Maybe if you squint just right, you see how the style this type of rotation scheme makes. It's small ball but with a 6-10, 6-8, and 6-5 back court, it's definitely not teeny tiny small ball. Stewart and Bey seem like the perfect compliment to the trio of back court aces. While the back-ups seem to compliment the starter group with speed, athleticism, D, and solid shooting as well. A lot would depend on the young players developing, but doesn't it already?

Well, there you have it, maybe we get Simmons or maybe we don't. I am inclined to believe that Weaver is discussing the matter with Casey, and if Casey believes he could make Simmons into his kind of player, Weaver will try his hardest to make a deal - if there's a deal to be had.

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