Unloading the Clip

I owe the inspiration for this post to JGK, who commented:

I'd trade anyone on this roster other than Cunningham, because I don't think this team has potential to be anything more than a 7th-8th seed when all the young talent is developed.

I think Cunningham has star potential, but the rest are likely role players at best, and Grant isn't good enough to lead a winning team as it's best player.

So what good is hording this roster? If you can get a 3x all-star to go with Cunningham, do it.

I don't think I would trade any lotto picks, but any combo of Grant/Bey/Stewart/Hayes/Joseph/Olynyk etc is fine with me, and I'd do a lotto-protected FRP too.

This is also a response to a request from OK from J, who commented:

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I think we need new Pistons related thread.

So here's something to hold us over to Wednesday.


Allow me to paint you a fantasy. Cade's rookie year goes swimmingly. In fact, it goes so well that other players want to leave their team to play with him. Everyone on the team is on the table for a trade except Cade. Who would you trade everything to add to the team?

The rules of this little fantasy are as follows:

  1. The player must be within five years age of Cade so that those obsessed with "timelines" can be appeased.
  2. No actual trade offers need to be created. The point isn't to decide how unlikely the trades are to happen. That's a given. I called it a fantasy. No undergarments need be twisted in the comments.
  3. Limit your response to a ranking of five players. We don't need ScottFL in here ranking all 276 players in the NBA under 25 by their potential to form a championship pairing with Cade.
  4. Players still in high school or college are eligible to be listed.
  5. Don't pee in the kool-aid.

That's it. What is your fantasy pairing (tripling?) that you'd want to see joining Cade to lead the Pistons back to contention?

Amendment: Scott can list all 276 players if he likes. Who am I to say no? I'd love to see the list.

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