Sekou: DBB Insight or Slander?

Responding to the abundance of negative comments from the long thread of the Sekou trade article by Sean.
I feel compelled to say the following!

1. All this speculating on Sekou's 'problems' is just that. No one posting actually knows shit about what the truth of the situation is. This includes me.

1. IMO Troy Weaver never wanted Sekou here. Sekou just wasn't his guy. I say this because...

1. First thing Weaver does is bring in Grant to impede Sekou's progress. (If anyone thinks this is just a 'hot taek' on my part, remember how well / how much better Sekou played when he started at the end of last season. And I'm not saying signing Grant was a bad move or that he shouldn't be a starter.

1. Weaver isn't bashful when it comes to spending money to get what he wants, (remember all the posts about Troy's lack of proper salary cap / general money management), but the Pistons wouldn't spring for the cost of allowing Sekou to have a G League season last year when it could have really helped him.

1. Sekou seemed to be an afterthought when it came to 'the core four', and never received consistent minutes even though he was one of the better defenders (top third) on the team, (inconsistency and all), when Casey (and Weaver) preached a tough defensive identity.

1. Finally Weaver brings in Trey Lyles. A move that had DBB nearly unanimously shaking our collective heads. But of course now that events have played out the way they have, 'everyone' seems to have known in hindsight Sekou being orphanted was a inevitable conclusion.

1. Being cut by the Nets seems to be a pure money situation. Sekou played very well in his one game there. Sekou scored 11 points in 12 minutes going 3-of-3 from the field, 5-of-5 from the line with four rebounds. (I know one game is one game, but this seems to me to reinforce the money angle). If it hadn't been Sekou, it would have been someone else. Dealing Sekou saved the Nets more cash.

1. Lastly, DBB seems to be pontificating on how smart the Rockets are to have cut Sekou without hesitation. Perhaps better put, how they saw 'the writing on the wall' about the 'failure' of Sekou's NBA career. COME ON FELLAS, THIS IS THE TEAM THAT PASSED ON EVAN MOBLEY for Christsake! How smart can they be? All summer they've been clowns here at DBB and now they're astute? I'm not buying it.

Sekou Doumbouya may never play another game in the NBA.


Sekou's only on his third team. He Is 20 Years Old. IIRC Piston fan favorite Chauncey Billups made four stops along his NBA journey before finding a 'home' where he could grow and flourish. Sekou might still become a top player in the league someday. It is possible.

I'd appreciate any feedback any DBB or staff care to offer.

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